Like many inventions Tanie started life as a solution by a human for themself.

Tim Allen was a desk worker who spent all year inside & at Christmas, would head off camping in the kiwi summer. He would arrive at his campground with white skin & would often get burnt in the first couple of weeks through minor mistakes like exposing his skin to the sun for just 15 minutes longer than he could. 

Or not reapplying lotion quick enough. Or missing a spot of skin with lotion. Or washing the lotion off in the sea. He often said he felt lotion was complicated & wished someone would just invent some clothing that he could put on & forget about the sun knowing he was slowly building a base tan.


Because for most people, once you’ve built a base tan, you can then relax without getting burnt. But after many years no one brought anything to the market, so he decided to research materials for himself.


After much trial & error over many years, he solved the many problems for himself & began to enjoy light tanning with no more sunburn in his life.

Come summer he lives in his Tanie so that he's always filling up on Vitamin D as hes moving in & out of sun & he's never been burnt wearing a Tanie, but his bare legs have. He also noticed that at the end of summer his skin was always the best it was all year. 

And so like many before him, he eventually decided to help others by bringing the invention to the market. 

Cool eh.

We are now a subsidiary of SRL NZ LTD 

Our main missions are to reduce skin cancer & increase vitamin D.