Tan without Lotion 

Vitamin D Tops.
Science now tells us that light tanning creates vitamin D which is good for immunity, bones, inflammation & general health. 
Who Knew.

You can Swim in Tanies & they're Quick Drying

Light Tanningis Good.
Burning is Bad.

Like everything in life Its about Balance.

Chemical Free Protection.

Lotions are a good invention but some humans are allergic to some of the chemicals.
You've never worn health like this.
Also lotions will damage the rubber on wetsuits.

Tanies are worn under safety vests instead of using Lotion.
Lotion on arms sweats down into the hands making them slippery & dust sticks to the lotion.
Oh so Pro

Let Filtered sun thru to create vitamin D. 

The darker your skin the more sun you need. 

No slippery lotion needed here. 

Simplified Protection

Throw it on & forget about the sun knowing you're slowly building a base. 

Nothing short of Amazing.

As they're semi see thru
guys put a tank top on when leaving the beach for modesty & to keep building vitamin D through the arms, shoulders & chest.
Intuitive Style.

Sun ProtectionNot Sunblock.

Cotton & rashies block vitamin D where Tanies let filtered sun through.


No more guessing when your 2 hour lotion time is up & you have to reapply.

No more reapplying lotion after a swim

No more burn patches from missing a spot of skin with lotion

Legs Burn Too.


More protect for you.

Tanies are great for Sport

as lotion runs down the arms into the hands making them slippery.


Wear them under your T-shirt.

Even horses wear Tanies

Studies have found links between low vitamin D levels and depression, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma & premature death

Tanies hide Scars & Rashes.  

Treat Yourself

Tanies are generally worn tight like a rashie or an All Blacks jersey as they're super stretchy & then you can swim or surf in them


Their ventilating polyester fabric keeps us cooler in the heat so they're ideal for outside work wear.

They don't wrinkle so they always look fab.

Bring on Nature.

Tanies are made of thousands of strong thick honeycomb hexagons that are hard wearing & stretch in 6 directions, creating super comfort & movement. 

And the holes release heat & sweat quicker than summer cotton

We researched a super fine cotton that would tan you but it would wear out too quickly which is not environmental.

Reduce Insect Bites

as the holes are smaller than insect screens                                                                                         Creates an even tan with no spots  Choosing your colour is simple - It's black. 
Why are we starting in black. ?Because its the most popular rash top colour & it shows less marks

Reduce Jelly Stings.



Lotion Wash Off.

There are reports that lotion may be harming some water life

Learn more > 



Filter Works.




Tops in 6 Unisex sizes.

No toddler sizes yet

Legs in 1 size that fits small to 2XL

If you swim we recommend you buy them tight

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Free returns for refund or exchange from 30 days after delivery.

For the environment we don't enclose packing slips. 

We're Green Thinkers.

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How does a billionaire research a product ?

They give it a Go.

Fashion Story 1

When slipon shoes first became available for men in the 70s, millions of humans thought they were too feminine, but eventually they followed the more practical men 

Fashion Story 2

There was a time when All Blacks wouldn't have worn tight gear but humans slowly move forward. 

Up until now see thru clothing was the domain of females & the rainbow community But the truth is Tanie material was found to be the best for building vitamin D without getting burnt. 

So guys, its time to brake thru another taboo.

Only $69.95   

with Free Delivery to anywhere on the Planet

Love Your Sun

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